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Siding Accessories For Every Job

Mid-America is obsessed with details. Every last exterior siding accessory must be spot on. We know that every piece is equally important when building a home and any delay can really set you back.

Our team believes in delivering quality parts to build your homes the right way, not just good enough. We share your tenacity for thoroughness and will help you find beautiful products in distinctive designs and colors that are inspired from a breadth of historically accurate styles.

The Right Parts, For your job

We’re Right by Your Side

Call us! we’ll help you track down hard-to-find parts. We even offer localized field support to keep your job sites moving smoothly. Contact Us.

Matching Siding Parts

Mid-America carries color-matched parts for all major siding manufacturers. Close enough is never good enough. Explore Siding and Trim Accessories.

Welcome to our NEW loyalty program. We want to help reward pros like you for choosing Westlake Royal Building Products. Participants will earn points on

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Achieve the design of your dreams with our Virtual Remodeler

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Best Practices for Combining Exterior Colors

It takes less than 10 seconds for someone to form an impression about a house. One of the most important factors in that impression? Color.

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